Sophia Gorlin Testimonials


Christopher & Marc LoulyChristopher & Marc Louly

My boys ages 8 and 10 have received instruction from various piano teachers throughout the years.  I never really saw a difference in my boy’s progress between teachers and assumed all piano instruction was basically the same.  Having my boys begin instruction with Sophia Gorlin has opened my eyes to the importance of choosing the right piano teacher.  Sophia’s unique approach has encouraged Marc and Christopher to unlock their inner creativity and develop their own musical voices.  My boys are not just learning to play songs for recitals but rather they are developing a deeper understanding of the functions of different notes and experimenting with rhythmic expression in ways they never did with past instruction.  This foundation has empowered my boys to make the musical ideas in their heads come out of their piano.  We are grateful to have this kind of piano instruction available to our family.

—Julie Louly

Ian KraftIan Kraft

My 10 year old son Ian has been with Mrs. Gorlin for less than six months but he has learned how to use not only his fingers but his mind when he plays piano; Ian has expanded his repertoire and appreciates music very differently now. With the number of students studied with Mrs. Gorlin and their various levels, Mrs. Gorlin nonetheless works tirelessly to put together her unique theory materials to challenge Ian and pull him along the way, since Ian started at an older age and has a lot of fundamentals to catch up. Ian’s testimonial: “Mrs. Gorlin makes sure that I understand the music. She is very organized and makes sure I am too.” We have always known that Mrs. Gorlin herself is an accomplished musician and an experienced teacher; we hope that her love for music and her students and her teaching skills will continue to infuse into Ian’s life.

—Yvonne Yip

Brianna & Marissa RoundtreeBrianna & Marissa Roundtree

My older daughter Brianna started lessons with Mrs. Gorlin when she was 6 years old. My younger daughter Marissa started when she was only 4.5 years old. Besides learning music, my girls learn discipline through practice.  From having no interest in music, my daughters now fight for the time to sit down with me to practice piano. Thanks to Mrs. Gorlin, music has enriched their lives.  My younger daughter often offers to play a song for me after I get home from work to relax.  My older daughter offered to write a song for me on my birthday.  Mrs. Gorlin is very patient with children and is all about their learning.  She spends a lot of her personal time preparing materials for her students. We are very happy that we chose Mrs. Gorlin for our daughters.

—Le-Thanh Nguyen

Meinshausen familyMeinshausen family

Having had piano lessons growing up, my wife Kimberly and I wanted our oldest son, Samuel (9yrs), to have lessons. We weren't sure what to expect besides the possibility of chiding him to keep up with lessons the way we remember struggling to get the requisite "30 min" practice in. We hoped to find something different, where he would really enjoy it and get off the ground to really play but also have understanding. What we found was someone - really different. Mrs. Gorlin's attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm are rare indeed. Samuel has learned and progressed more in one year than either of us remember reaching after several years. We've enjoyed Samuel's progress and Mrs. Gorlin's firm expectations and confident encouragement. She has been more than flexible and accommodating to our itinerant lifestyle being a military homeschooling family with 5 children. We couldn't ask or expect more nor imagine accepting anything less after our experience with her! Samuel plays on every piano and keyboard he gets near in homes or stores and draws the attention of family, friends and strangers. We know this springs from training and confidence imparted by a dedicated and determined teacher. We're looking forward to Thomas (5 yrs) beginning lessons with her in 2015! We'll be forever grateful to Mrs. Gorlin for the work, time, and profession she has invested in our son. She is not only a teacher but a true friend.

—LTC Brian Meinshausen

VarnerfamilyVarner family

Mrs. Gorlin is an excellent piano instructor. She is serious, fun, and worthwhile. I greatly enjoy being one of her students, and believe that her other students do too. Mrs. Gorlin has a real passion for teaching, piano, and music, and I am learning a lot from her.

—Audriana Varner

Mrs. Gorlin is a spectacular and passionate piano teacher. She loves teaching and she inspires her students to do great things. She teaches many different styles of music and will help you learn not only piano, but also music theory through your music career. Mrs. Gorlin is explicit and convincing teacher and will do anything to help reach your goals. I have benefitted greatly from her.

—William Varner

Sydney & Delaini MorrisSydney & Delaini Morris

I wanted to give my two granddaughters, Delaini and Sydney, a gift that they would cherish for a lifetime.  Sophia’s style of teaching piano and music theory has certainly enabled their learning to be fun and very exciting!  For the past 6 months the girls have learned several original classical arrangements, ear training techniques and utilizing their memorization skills. Since being enrolled in the music theory class, they have expanded their interest of creativity, for example—by adding lyrics to music, learning the various key signatures, understanding note values and the various rhythms and a wide variety of music styles from many diverse cultures.  Thank you Sophia—you are a GIFT …. and Indianapolis is so BLESSED to have a teacher with high expectations and proven results!  “Music is an international language—that is shared from every walk of life.”

—Jacqueline Cummins

Sarah LiuSarah Liu

I am glad that I have switched Sarah from her old teacher to Mrs. Gorlin. We were amazed at how well Mrs. Gorlin played piano herself, but, more importantly, she is very patient with Sarah and has taught her to love and understand music. Mrs. Gorlin has encouraged Sarah to participate in recitals and competitions and, for the first time, Sarah became a finalist in the Young Hoosier Piano Competition last summer. It was really important for Sarah to be able to cope with her nervousness before competitions, and Mrs. Gorlin helped her to become more confident in her playing. If you have a child who is serious about playing piano, I strongly recommend Mrs. Gorlin.

—Jean Liu

Edgar MelkonyanEdgar Melkonyan

Sophia Gorlin is a musician with a God-given talent and whose love of music is naturally passed on to her students. Thanks to Sophia, my son is studying and practicing piano with joy and enthusiasm. After only six months of lessons, Edgar has won two piano competitions. I give Sophia total credit for my son’s success. She teaches her students to not only play notes on the keyboard, but to understand and appreciate the beauty of music. She puts her mind into every lesson, approaching her students individually and instilling in them the confidence and ability to successfully perform in public.

I highly recommend Sophia to those looking for an experienced and talented music teacher. Your child will be in good hands—and you will soon find yourself satisfied with having made a right choice.

—Nadya McDaniel

Lukas DenikenLukas Deniken

Mrs. Gorlin has been such a blessing to our family. We have had other piano instructors before, but none has had the passion for both music and teaching that Mrs. Gorlin brings to our piano study. She is very professional and expects much from my son each week, while at the same time she responds to his interests and motivates him to reach beyond his comfort level. Because of this, she has brought my son, Lucas, much farther along in his playing and his understanding of music theory than I ever thought possible in such a short period of time. I am so thankful that we found Mrs. Gorlin as a piano instructor for our son!

—Christina Daniken

Clara FridmanClara Fridman

Sophia Gorlin is not your usual piano teacher. Educated at the best schools attended by most gifted Russian musicians, an experienced instructor, a talented performer, an enthusiastic classical music ambassador – these are just a few words that could describe her.

Sophia’s genuine love for music and teaching was an immediate inspiration. She has renewed our 11 year old daughter's interest in piano. Now Clara enjoys practicing, and is making a great progress. In addition to piano instruction, our daughter is learning about the composers, as well as the elements of music theory. 

It is rare to find a teacher of this caliber in our area.

—Lana Fridman

Nathan ZhangNathan Zhang

Sophia Gorlin is a loving, caring, and dedicated teacher.  Nathan, my seven-year-old son, has been making steady progress since he started his piano lessons four months ago.  Mrs. Gorlin teaches technique while emphasizing music theory.  I found this method helpful, especially as Nathan began to play more difficult pieces. She individualizes her teaching to fit Nathan's needs, challenges him to reach his potential, and encourages him to do his best.  Mrs. Gorlin's teaching goes beyond the scheduled lesson time. She sends us colorful supplemental material in her personal time. Both Nathan and I love to read them. Through these materials, not only have we learned the history behind the waltz and minuet, but we also have discovered that mastering the dotted eighth and sixteenth note rhythms is something Nathan could do.  I am pleased with Nathan's progress as a pianist and highly recommend Mrs. Gorlin, our wonderful teacher.

—Jingdan Zhang

Lucia & Marina LopezLucia & Marina Lopez

Sophia Gorlin is the best piano teacher our two daughters have ever had. She has encouraged them to excel technically and in their musicality. She has encouraged them to get to know classical music periods and specific composers. Our daughters have advanced their piano skills exponentially since becoming Mrs. Gorlin's pupils. When we enrolled our daughters in lessons with her, we did not realize that her lessons would teach our daughters self-discipline, self-control, as well as self-esteem.  These skills our daughters are learning will help them excel in the future, not only in music, but also in life.

—Maria Pabon Lopez and Gerardo Lopez

Forest & Daniel WangForest & Daniel Wang

I think I made the right decision switching my son Forest from his previous piano teacher to Sophia Gorlin.  With Mrs. Gorlin’s professional and systematic instruction, my son’s technique and understanding of music have improved a lot; now Forest plays piano with his thoughts and feelings, not just with his fingers. He now shows more obvious signs of interest in piano playing and tries to make piano talk.  Both my husband and I are so happy to see his progress under Mrs. Gorlin’s guidance.

—Echo Zhao

Ramon GongRamon Gong

When my son Ramon was seven, I started to teach him electronic keyboard at home. After nearly a year fumbling around with no formal training, I knew that I needed to find a good piano teacher for him. So I signed him up with Sophia Gorlin. In just over half a year since we started, with Mrs. Gorlin’s guidance and direction, my son has advanced his piano skills dramatically. Mrs. Gorlin has taught him not only specific techniques and music theory, but has encouraged him to be confident and to do his best. He is now so proud of his ability and progress. Mrs. Gorlin is knowledgeable, punctual, and very patient. I highly recommend Mrs. Gorlin to anyone who is interested in discovering music.

—Zhilong Gong

Sasha SpivakSasha Spivak

I started coming to Sophia for music lessons at age nine, and had an absolutely incredible experience with her. She taught me not only to play keys, but to play music—to hear and understand music. I benefited from her focus on theory and integration of stylistic elements, as this combination provided me with truly well-rounded learning. Further, by creating and using her own Music Theory material, Sophia brings a unique teaching system to her students. As a former student, I have been able to assist in the editing of this material, and can attest first-hand to its quality and effectiveness. Sophia always pushed me to strive for excellence, and put her heart into every one of my lessons. Music will remain a part of my upbringing, and a part of my soul—because of Sophia’s expertise, knowledge, and genuine love for both the subject and her students.

—Sasha Spivak

Nick HornedoNick Hornedo

Sophia Gorlin is a highly skilled and dedicated piano teacher. Her individualized lessons thoroughly cover technique as well as theory. After briefly studying with other teachers, my son Nick instantly recognized the high caliber of Mrs. Gorlin's expertise and passion for music and chose to continue his piano study with her. I especially value the kind and patient manner in which she engages my son and the thoughtful attention to detail of her lessons. It is clear that her high expectations of him keep him motivated to learn and improve upon his skills. Mrs. Gorlin is a rare find in Indianapolis and comes highly recommended by our family.

—Cecilia Hornedo

Lillian CritserLillian Critser

I am so happy to have found Sophia Gorlin as a teacher for my daughter Lillian.  Lillian is thriving in her love for piano and looks forward to every lesson.  Sophia is a wonderful teacher - professional, knowledgeable, and truly dedicated to the art.  She inspires and motivates my daughter on her journey to becoming a successful pianist.

—Megan Critser

Eric ZhuEric Zhu

I think I made a right decision when switched my son Eric from previous piano teacher to Mrs. Gorlin. After near one year of lessons, Eric's piano technique has significantly improved and he recently won a piano competition. Mrs. Gorlin emphasizes "brain work" in her teaching; together with music theory and ear training this benefits Eric's daily practice enormously. Mrs. Gorlin is a knowledgeable, patient and dedicated teacher. She spends a lot of personal time in preparing and sending the notes and materials. We are so happy that we finally found such an excellent teacher for Eric.

—Ying Wang

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